Portrait and Headshot Information

The purpose of the headshot is to tell your story very quickly – agents should get an idea of what's important to you, what makes you tick, what your personality is like all from a single photograph. During our session, we will get as many "looks" in as we feel comfortable with. Typically this will be in the 4-6 range, but we are not limited to a specific number. My goal is to capture your persona in as many different ways so that you can tell your story through photographs.

The shoot is actually a collaboration of two artists coming together to create great imagery which will show you as confident and accessible. Both of these traits are important and combined together, create a very attractive persona that comes alive off of the print!

My first love was nature and landscape photography, primarily because it allowed me to be out in the open among the creation, work with the light and the subjects that I was given on any particular day. I carry this love into my portrait work as well: with no constraint of a physical studio, I can use natural and alternative lighting to create both commercial and theatrical head shots on location! One of the best ways to convey to an agent what excites you is to be in that setting when we shoot. From the lights and energy of the streets in Hollywood to the laid back attitude of the beach, the high stakes pressure of the athletic field/court, or the adventure and personal freedom of the outdoors – we can capture it all in ways that make you look your best! When you are in your element and feeling relaxed, confidence and approachability scream through the lens.

If you're still with me, then I think we are a good fit and you need to call me right away to book a session! I'm located just north of Los Angeles, and will travel in the general area to shoot with you.

Session Fee:  $350


What's Included?:

- Photoshoot, unlimited looks (typically 2-4 hours)

- Global editing of all images with an online proofing gallery where you can download and share with social media

- Retouching: Includes three retouched images including stray hair removal, blemish removal, whitening of teeth and eyes.

What's Not Included?:

- Hair & Makeup: I have stylists on call to work with us through the entire shoot to make sure you look your best. Cost is TBD (based on stylists pricing)

- Retouching: We can do retouching of additional specific images including stray hairs, blemish removal, whitening of teeth and eyes. Cost: $30/image