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If you are reading this, then you fall into one of two camps; either you are searching to find out a little bit more about who is the person behind the images you see, or you are clicking through each tab of the site just because you are very thorough!  Either way, I’m glad you stopped by!

I am a second generation SoCal native, so the beach and the mountains were naturally my favorite family pastimes growing up.  Say what you will about Cali, but there is really no place quite like it! 

I am a self-taught nature and landscape photographer with, you guessed it, a love for water and mountains!  Much of my childhood was spent at the beach, or out in the woods camping, and I believe it was these experiences that contributed so heavily to my love of God's creation.  

This love of creation is not limited to the earth and stars, but more importantly, the PEOPLE that make up the fabric of humanity!  Most nature photographers are deathly afraid of photographing people, and I was no exception!  I am naturally a shy person, and would rather spend hours sitting in out in the elements, waiting for the "magic light" to happen, than interact with a human who could possibly not like their photograph.  

Then I thought to myself... "dude, you need to get over yourself!"  People love good pictures of themselves and their family, and if you make it fun, the photographs will be great!  So, I got to work learning about creating and shaping my own "magical light" so that I could focus on making the shoot a fun experience!  I think that I will always be learning and experimenting with lighting, it is so fascinating, but my competence in the technical has now allowed me to focus on the experience.  When you step into my studio, or I come to your place, the magic is in the connection we make, and the camera is just there to record how fun it was!  

Every human being is beautiful because every one of us is different and unique, with their own story.  It is my job as a photographer to bring out that beauty, and capture it in the best light possible!  This is what I strive to do each day.  

Okay - Fun Fact time!

  • I’ve always been the tallest person in my class at school
  • My first image was shot at age 4 with my fathers camera at Lake Louise in British Columbia, Canada
  • I’m a NASCAR fan from the days of Earnhardt, Rudd, and Waltrip
  • I shoot Canon and carry Apple
  • My favorite foods are anything except seafood and fungus
  • I'm currently restoring a 1969 Dodge Coronet 400
  • My hope that someday the Rams will come back home to Los Angeles is coming true next year!

Thanks for visiting – please feel free to reach out and drop me a line!


~John Duncan, Photographer