John Duncan, Six-Five Studios | Mounted Prints Under Clear Resin

Mounted Prints Under Clear Resin

All of our photographs are available for purchase to display in your residence or office.  The sleek modern design combined with the natural wood backer provides a perfect balance between contemporary and traditional styles.  The beautiful crystal clear resin is applied by hand to the surface of the photograph to both protect and enhance the depth of color, detail and surface finish of the photograph.

Oahu Blue in Walnut Stain under Clear Resin "Oahu Blue" 30"x60" Print under Resin

The Print:  

The beauty of the final photographic print is top of mind in all aspects of the creative process.  This means that the type of equipment and techniques used to capture the image, as well as how we process it is at the heart and soul of the finished print.  Everything is done with the finished print in mind.  We print on high quality Kodak and Fuji professional papers to ensure quality and for their archival qualities.


The Wood Framing:

We use high quality American grown and manufactured birch and poplar panels as the foundation of which to mount the photograph.  Each frame is sanded, stained and finished to your custom specifications.  We offer three color stains which compliment most decor, but can also stain to a particular shade or color upon request.  To keep the natural beauty of the wood, we finish each frame with four coats of a satin clear coat, sanding in between each coat to ensure a beautiful smooth finish when it is complete.  

Once the frame is ready and cured, we use an archival safe adhesive to mount the print to the panel for uniform adhesion that will not fade over time.  Once the print is securely mounted and inspected, the artist signs each print prior to the final step of applying the crystal clear resin coating.


The Clear Resin:

The resin is hand applied to the top surface of the print, and almost creates an illusion that a droplet of glass is on top of the photograph!  It enhances the color, and overall depths of the photograph, as well as aid in the preservation of the print, as well as prevent it from yellowing over time.  The result is a beautiful, glossy, wet looking photograph that commands attention and close inspection when displayed!  

When this mounted print under special resin photograph is displayed under gallery style lights, the colors and pigments come alive and must be seen to be appreciated!  Truly a work of art.